People want to make sure their loved ones are receiving the best possible care inside their nursing home facility. Sadly, a person’s loved could still face abuse from nursing home staff. An initial sign of mistreatment can stem from bedsores.

What are bedsores?

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, are wounds that develop from excess pressure on the skin. Older adults are often at higher risk of developing bedsores because many are too physically weak to reposition themselves in bed. Without any movement, the skin can lose blood flow and eventually decay.

Unfortunately, leaving bed ulcers untreated can be deadly. In one instance, a Missouri man already suffering from severe bedsores got admitted to a nursing home. But after just 22 days, the man died due to bed sore complications because staff reportedly did nothing to treat it.

Bedsores can stem from staff negligence

In some cases, bedsores can occur in nursing homes when staff members fail to provide a duty of care to residents. Other common causes of nursing home bedsores can include:

  • Friction between skin and surface of bedsheets.
  • When the skin moves away from the bone (also known as shear).
  • Lack of proper daily nutrition.

Nursing home bedsores can also occur if staff members:

  • Improperly move residents in a way that causes friction.
  • Fail to reposition residents in a way that prevents them from getting skin ulcers.
  • Give them the right amount of food and water.

Older adults deserve quality care

When nursing home staff fail to provide adequate care to those they serve, they and the nursing home should be held accountable for their actions. Luckily, victims of nursing home abuse and their loved ones can get the justice they deserve with sound legal counsel.