There are constant demands on your attention as an adult and often not enough time in the day to meet them all. You may have to balance multiple projects simultaneously at work and overlap your chores or personal responsibilities so that you can get everything done that you need to.

For example, you might study for your continuing education courses during your lunch break. You might brush your teeth while you shower. Unfortunately, some of the ways that people try to multitask are more dangerous than others.

Trying to multitask while driving a car is a common and highly risky decision. Multitasking at the wheel can lead to distraction and ultimately cause a crash that would not have occurred otherwise.

The human brain cannot focus on two things simultaneously

For the most part, multitasking is actually a myth. It is a reflection of someone’s ability to quickly recall secondary demands after mentally focusing on one task rather than the ability to focus on two or more things at the same time.

Your brain can only process so much information at once, and it will prioritize one task above all others. If someone picks up their phone while driving, their eyes and brain will focus on their device instead of on the road in front of them.

Most of the other ways that people try to multitask at the wheel are sources of distraction. Grooming, eating or making phone calls to clients are all actions that are safer to do once someone arrives at their destination.

Multitasking at the wheel is a common but dangerous mistake

Sadly, a shocking number of people believe that they can multitask well, which likely increases the chances of them texting at the wheel. A study showed that just over 50% of Millennials and over 47% of Boomers feel confident about their multitasking skills. Those confident in their multitasking ability may overestimate their skill or underestimate the risk of taking their eyes off the road.

If you wind up hurt in a crash caused by someone trying to do two things at once instead of focusing on safety, you may be able to file an insurance claim or even a civil lawsuit against them for your losses.