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Being the victim of sexual assault can leave you with physical and emotional scars that last a lifetime. One way to find healing and closure is through the support of a sexual abuse attorney from Swanson, Lathen, Prestwich, PC. Separate from any criminal prosecution, a personal injury lawyer can help you get financial compensation, while also holding the perpetrator accountable for your suffering. Our legal team, located in Salem, can help you discover your strength again after this traumatic experience.

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Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Take Back Your Life After Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is one of the most painful traumas someone can experience. Not only is it a physical violation, but it’s a violation that can leave you with lasting emotional and mental scars as well.

Internal bleeding, genital injuries, bruising, and broken bones are just a few of the physical injuries sexual abuse survivors may deal with. Worse yet, they’re often left with feelings of anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, and other emotional scars that are debilitating without the right care.

The worst part of all that is that many sexual abuse survivors feel that they’re alone. In Oregon, many sexual abuse victims don’t know who to turn to or how to get help.

No one should have to experience the lingering effects of this type of trauma alone. The legal team at Swanson, Lathen, Prestwich, PC is proud to advocate for sexual abuse survivors. We can help you regain your life in multiple ways following sexual abuse.

Standing Up for What's Right

If you’ve reported your abuse to law enforcement, a criminal case will be investigated. However, apart from criminal prosecution, you have the right to pursue a civil lawsuit. Through negotiation or through the civil court system, our attorneys can help you find compensation against the personal injuries your abuser inflicted on you. Here’s how our legal team at Swanson, Lathen, Prestwich, PC helps make sure your pain and suffering is never silenced:

Step One

File Your Case

If your case has not yet been reported, we offer legal guidance while you report your sexual abuse case to law enforcement. We’re there to take the burden off you and support you in gathering and providing evidence to officials.

Step Two

Negotiate and Make Demands

Once your case is filed, our team starts the legal proceedings. We work alongside the criminal prosecution to bring justice to the perpetrator and ensure this situation doesn’t happen again. Our team confidently advocates for you; we never back down to pressure from your abuser or their legal team.

On top of that, your sexual abuse attorney will negotiate what type of monetary compensation you should receive from this incident. This can be used to help you through counseling, psychiatry, medical bills, and whatever else you need to overcome this experience.

Step Three

Get Justice

After the legal proceedings are over, you’ll receive your payout. You can start rebuilding your life with greater financial security and a renewed sense of justice.

You’re not alone in this terrible situation. There are those out there who are ready and waiting to help you win your legal battle. Contact the legal experts at Swanson, Lathen, Prestwich, PC to get the support you need in these difficult times.

FAQs About Sexual Abuse Claims

The aftermath of sexual abuse can be overwhelming and confusing. To make things easier, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions.

What should I do if I've been sexually abused?

In Oregon, if you’re the victim of a sexual abuse crime, the first thing to do is report the incident. Reporting the incident within 72 hours may make you eligible for additional compensation and support from the state.

In addition to reporting the crime to law enforcement, you should speak with an attorney. A sexual abuse attorney will be able to provide you with the advocacy and consultation you need to help you overcome this crime.

What if I suspect someone is the victim of sexual abuse or assault?

If you suspect that someone is the victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault, you should start by talking to that person. This can help you confirm your suspicion and can make it easier to build a case or report an incident.

You should also report the crime to law enforcement. Even if you’re unsure, reporting the incident can help open an investigation to determine whether or not something sinister is going on. This could be the difference between helping someone out of a serious situation and allowing a perpetrator to get away.

What is the Oregon statute of limitations on sexual abuse or assault?

Oregon has a six-year statute of limitations for sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, and other sex-related crimes. Even if you were sexually abused in the past, you may still be able to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Can I recover damages if I've been sexually abused?

Yes. Victims of sexual abuse can sue their perpetrators for damages. If you want to take this course of action, it’s best to work with a sexual abuse attorney, such as those at Swanson, Lathen, Prestwich, PC. We’ll not only help you get the maximum damages, but we’ll help support you through these difficult cases.

Can I keep my case from becoming public knowledge, even if I want to pursue the case in court?

If you want to pursue a sexual abuse case in court, you can seal your name as a victim. This prevents public records and outside individuals from getting access to your name and helps to protect your privacy.

However, you should still be prepared to testify in court. Ultimately, you may need to take the stand or to appear in court in order to win your case and get the justice you deserve.

What if someone failed to prevent sexual abuse?

Sometimes, parents and caretakers may be found guilty of failing to prevent sexual abuse. This could also be considered either a civil or criminal crime, depending on what and how the events took place.

If you suspect someone is guilty of failing to prevent sexual abuse, it’s best to alert law enforcement and get a sexual abuse attorney involved. They’ll be able to help fully investigate the case beyond your own capabilities.

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