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Rain or shine, you love to get out on your bike. You trust yourself, your skills and your equipment.

All you don’t trust is the traffic around you. It’s become very clear that your biggest threat is getting hit by another driver. How can you stay safer this year? Look below for some important tips.

Focusing on safety is an important goal

If your goal for the year is to focus on safety, here are a few tips that can help. Take them to heart every time you get on your bike:

  1. Check your bike before every ride. Make sure the tires have enough air, the brakes are working properly, etc.
  2. Use hand signals. The clearer you can make your intentions to drivers around you, the better.
  3. Wear lights and reflective clothing if you ever ride at night. You may even want to use these items during the day; LED lights can especially make you stand out in any light.
  4. Remember to watch for hazards even from parked cars. For instance, cyclists are sometimes “doored” when someone steps out of a car. Be vigilant.
  5. Ditch your distractions. Don’t listen to music while you ride, for example, or have a phone conversation on a headset.
  6. Be a defensive rider. Assume that the drivers around you will make mistakes. Try to anticipate them and avoid a crash.

These are very helpful tips, and practice around cars can also keep you safe. However, the truth is that no level of safe riding can protect you from all negligent drivers. If one hits you, be sure you know how to seek financial compensation for your injuries and losses. You have every right to hold a negligent drivers accountable for their mistakes.