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Car crashes usually occur from people driving too fast. However, driving below the speed limit could be equally or even more harmful in some cases. According to a recent report, driving slow in the left lane can be a significant hazard. Here in Oregon, motorists can face a $250 fine if they get caught driving below the speed limit in the fast lane.

Why do some people lag in the fast lane?

Even if they aren’t in rush hour or facing harsh weather conditions, some motorists may want to drive comfortably and not deal with the possibility of bumping into someone in front or behind them. However, this can disrupt the flow of traffic.

How can other motorists safely bypass slow drivers?

While some people may get angry dealing with slow drivers, road rage often only adds fuel to the fire. Here are a few tips motorists can utilize for dealing with these matters civilly:

  • Make a signal: Sometimes, slow drivers aren’t always aware of their actions. If that’s the case, some will likely move if the frustrated motorist puts on their turn signal, flickers their headlights or safely speeds up next to them to get ahead.
  • Tap the horn: If slow-driving motorists don’t notice those signals, lightly tapping the horn can be equally effective. However, the passing motorist may not want to be too aggressive with the horn. Being too startling could cause other drivers to panic, potentially causing a crash.
  • Be friendly: While this may be difficult for some drivers, it’s best not to escalate tensions. Once the slow-driving motorist corrects their actions, giving them a friendly smile or wave can help both parties remain calm.

Taking action can help others take precaution

Oregonians share the roads they drive on. Because of this, they must hold themselves and other motorists accountable for actions. However, if Oregon drivers do get in a crash due to the negligence of a slow driver, they may benefit from the help of a trusted legal partner.