The Value Of Your Personal Injury Claim

The most common question we receive from anyone with a car accident injury is: What is my case worth?

You need to know that every personal injury claim is different. The value of your individual claim depends on many factors, including the nature of your injuries and the extent of damage to your personal property. The attorneys at Swanson Lathen Prestwich, PC, in Salem have decades of experience in personal injury law, and they know what it takes to maximize your claim and fight for the full amount you deserve.

We understand the aftermath of an accident can be overwhelming, and we think you should have a compassionate, knowledgeable legal ally by your side from the very beginning. By considering both your immediate and long-term needs, we will pursue what you need for a full and fair recovery.

How Much Should You Seek In A Personal Injury Claim?

When building your personal injury claim, we take the time to consider the full extent of the pain and suffering you experienced, your financial losses and what you may need in the future. Some of the factors that can affect how much your claim is worth include the following:

  • The extent of your physical injuries, such as broken bones
  • Permanency of your injuries, such as physical scarring
  • Loss of function and ability to do the same things as before the accident

An important factor in seeking the full amount of compensation you deserve is to keep track of your medical bills. This documentation will illustrate the extent of the suffering you experienced as a result of the accident.

We Will Fight On Your Behalf

We refuse to settle your case for less than what it is worth. Our Oregon lawyers are unafraid to litigate if necessary, and we are not daunted by the prospect of taking your case to court. An evaluation of your case can help you understand what your case may be worth. Schedule your free initial consultation here or at 503-581-2421