Are you worried about how safe you are when you’re on the road? Do you feel concerned that an accident could change your life forever? Do you want to know what you can do to reduce the odds of that actually happening? 

If so, there is both good and bad news. The bad news is that driving is very dangerous and puts you at great risk each time you get in the car. The good news is that there is one easy thing you can do to increase your own safety. 

Put your phone down

The one step you need to take is to put your smartphone down when you’re driving. Don’t check your messages. Don’t take pictures. If you need to use the GPS or the music, get it started before you begin driving. After you start moving, leave your phone alone until you get to your destination. 

Thousands of people get injured or killed in distracted driving accidents every year. What’s more, researchers think that the true totals are under-reported. They claim that distraction could lead to more than a quarter of these accidents. That’s a massive percentage, and it’s clear that simply removing phone use from the road could save an incredible amount of lives. 

Even if others still get distracted, putting your own phone down still helps you. It gives you better reaction times. You’re more prepared to take evasive action. You become a defensive driver, and you’re always alert. 

Take action after a crash

Unfortunately, distracted driving remains a major issue and you could be injured in a crash. After that accident, you may need to seek compensation from the driver who caused it.