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Getting into a motorcycle accident can leave you with serious emotional and physical injuries. To add to your stress, you’re likely facing hefty medical bills and possibly lost wages, the loss of your transportation, and more. That’s why working with a motorcycle accident attorney from Swanson, Lathen, Prestwich, PC is vital. Located in Salem, our law firm will advocate tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Bounce Back from a Motorcycle Accident

No matter your skill as a driver, motorcycle accidents happen. And when they do, they can leave you with immediate and lasting physical and emotional damage.

After a motorcycle accident, you can suffer from neck and spine injuries, broken bones, cuts and lacerations, bruising, scarring, disfigurement, and more. The trauma of being in an accident can also leave you with depression, PTSD, and other emotional scars below the surface.

On average in Oregon, moderate to severe motorcycle accidents can cost as much as $1.4 million. That’s an incredible financial burden to bear for an accident that wasn’t your fault.

The team at Swanson, Lathen, Prestwich, PC believes you shouldn’t have to bear this burden alone. We advocate for you to help you get the insurance payout you deserve.

Supporting You in Your Time of Need

Personal injury cases must prove negligence and its direct correlation to your present injuries. Here’s how a motorcycle accident attorney from Swanson, Lathen, Prestwich, PC supports you.

Step One

File Your Claim

We start by helping you file your insurance claim and gather evidence of the accident. We walk you through the entire claims process to make sure that nothing is left out.

Step Two

Make a Demand and Negotiate Offers

Once you’re recovered or medically stationary, we’ll gather together all the evidence and make a demand on the insurance company. Once submitted, the insurance company’s legal team will review your claim and come back with an offer. Rather than accepting their first offer for a quick conclusion, our team keeps negotiating until the offer is fair to you. We’re determined to get you the best compensation possible.

If we aren’t able to settle the dispute, we’ll take things to court. As motorcycle accident attorney specialists, we will keep advocating for you to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Step Three

Get Compensated

When a settlement is reached, you’ll receive compensation for your injuries. This is what will help you move forward and start getting back on your feet after this debilitating experience.

You deserve to be fairly compensated for your traumatic experience. Reach out to the legal team at Swanson, Lathen, Prestwich, PC to get the help you need.

FAQs About Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycle accident claims can be complicated because the injuries frequently are serious. To make things easier for you, we’ve created a list of frequently asked questions.

How are motorcycle and car accident claims different?

Although both motorcycle and car accidents are vehicle-related incidents, they’re quite different. Because motorcyclists are exposed to the road or other objects when they crash, the injuries tend to be much more serious.

As a result, many motorcycle accidents can result in higher compensation. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, you should speak directly with a motorcycle accident attorney. We’ll help you ensure you get the type of compensation you deserve.

What should I do if I am involved in an accident on my motorcycle?

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, the first thing to do is to move away from the flow of traffic. Then, alert law enforcement and medical services of the accident.

Next, you should take photos of the scene of the accident. This will serve as evidence of the accident and can help back up your case.

Finally, it’s time to file a claim. You can get a motorcycle accident attorney involved to make the process easier and to ensure you receive an award for any damages.

How do my medical bills get paid if I am injured in a motorcycle accident?

After a motorcycle accident, the first thing to check is if you have a personal injury clause under your own motorcycle insurance policy. Many times, your insurance company will cover some of your medical bills.

However, that’s not always enough. Sometimes, you can also work with a motorcycle accident attorney to seek additional damages. This can help you pay your medical bills and get you on the road to recovery after this staggering accident.

What are some of the most common and dangerous causes of motorcycle accidents?

Some of the most dangerous causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Lane changing: lane changing can be tough, and motorcycles often get into cars’ blind spots, leading to accidents
  • Left-turning vehicles: a large percentage of motorcycle accidents occur because of cars making left-hand turns that cross a motorcycle’s path
  • Head-on collisions: when vehicles leave their lane to move into oncoming traffic, accidents can occur. The majority of motorcycle accidents occur because of this
  • DUIs: intoxicated drivers often lead to serious accidents and fatalities
  • Speeding: driving too fast, either on the part of the car or the motorcyclist, can cause serious accidents
  • Road Hazards: hazards on the road in combination with any of the other incidents on this list are common causes of motorcycle accidents
  • Lane splitting: driving in-between lines of traffic can put motorcyclists in blind spots and can lead to accidents
  • Cell phone use: Also not legally permitted, many people drive while using their cell phones and become distracted which makes them especially dangerous to motorcyclists.

There are many other causes of motorcycle accidents out there, too. Speaking to a motorcycle accident attorney can help you determine whether your accident warrants a lawsuit.

Are insurance companies biased against motorcyclists?

Unfortunately, insurance companies do often show bias against motorcyclists. This — in combination with other biases stemming from age, veteran status, and other factors — can cause motorcyclists to take the blame in accidents that are not their fault. In our experience, motorcyclists are some of the safest drivers on the road. They operate in a safe manner. Don’t let the insurer try and blame you for an accident that’s not your fault.

If I get into an accident on my motorcycle, should I get a lawyer to help me?

Although you can navigate a motorcycle claim on your own, this isn’t always the best idea. Involving a lawyer can help you get more complete compensation and receive the support and assistance you deserve. 

On top of that, motorcycle accident attorneys have experience negotiating tough claims. They can ensure you’re fairly represented against insurance companies and parties that are biased against motorcyclists.

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