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Father sues football helmet maker for son’s wrongful death

Most of us take reasonable precautions to protect ourselves from injuries large and small. But some of the most serious injuries – traumatic brain injuries – occur as the result of activities people willingly participate in, like contact sports.

The question is: are young players who participate in contact sports given an accurate picture of the risks they face? Are their parents adequately informed of the dangers of the game? Are sports equipment manufacturers being honest about the benefits and limits of their safety equipment? These questions are at the heart of many lawsuits, including a wrongful death lawsuit recently filed by a grieving father.

Are Oregon's distracted driving laws making the roads safer?

As an Oregon driver, you may have noticed that distracted driving is a serious concern. When you drive to work, to the store, to your friend's house or even just down the street, you could be sharing the road with a distracted driver. Distraction in any form is extremely dangerous and significantly increases the chance for an accident. 

Oregon first passed strict distracted driving laws in 2017 and later updated them in 2018. It is illegal in the state to hold an electronic device while operating a vehicle. Drivers who violate these laws are subject to fines and other consequences. These laws are responsible to the growing number or collisions caused by drivers who were texting, talking on the phone or engaging in another type of distracted driving. Despite the laws in place, it is still a problem.

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