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Drivers in Oregon should be aware that though rural roads have less traffic, this does not make them safer than more familiar urban roads. In fact, the very lack of familiarity that many drivers have with rural roads can make traveling on them a challenge.

Drivers can become negligent due to a false sense of security. They may, for example, use their phones or engage in other distracting activities behind the wheel. They may remove their seat belt, exceed the speed limit or even feel free to drink alcohol while driving, believing that there are no police officers around.

Perhaps the greatest safety threat in the countryside is other drivers. But rural roads are dangerous for other reasons, such as their typically narrow lanes and shoulders, which make passing another vehicle a risky move. Homes tend to be close to rural roads, and animals may appear on the road unexpectedly. Rural roads also have few lights, so nighttime drivers must beware.

Many of the serious accidents that occur in the countryside are fatal, one of the reasons being the delay that many crash victims experience in getting medical care. All of this should prompt drivers to be more cautious on rural roads. It’s always wise to practice defensive driving.

Most motor vehicle crashes are the result of negligence on the part of one or more drivers. Victims may have a lawyer assess their case and see how much they might be eligible for in damages. They may also have the lawyer negotiate on their behalf with the insurance companies. If successful, they might be covered for their past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages.