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A simple part on a car that costs only a few dollars could mean the difference between safety and danger for Oregon drivers. The color of turn signal lights can prevent a driver from being rear-ended while they’re changing lanes or preparing to do so. However, some car manufacturers that are focused on profit margins include the more dangerous yet cheaper red lights.

To the chagrin of safety advocates, the federal government has been slow to push automakers to change their practices. The NHTSA is only starting to consider how amber lights equal safer cars. The regulator may make these lights a required criterion for a five-star rating. However, the NHTSA has done nothing to make amber safety lights required nationwide. This part is required in European cars.

Amber lights only cost car manufacturers a few dollars more. However, safety advocates claim that some carmakers would prefer to bulk up their profit margins at the expense of driver safety. Studies have shown that a car with red turn signal lights is 22% more likely to be rear-ended while changing lanes. This is an example where consumers can benefit without even having to spend thousands of dollars on complex driver safety systems. Even though automakers are encouraged to include more complex and expensive safety products, few steps have been taken to mandate amber turn signals.

If you’ve been injured after being rear-ended by another driver, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Consider contacting a motor vehicle accident lawyer to learn about the personal injury claims process. The attorney could help you navigate the complex and often difficult process of dealing with an insurance company.