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Don’t fall for these five misconceptions about car accident attorneys.

Working with a good lawyer is the best way to get the best outcome in your car accident case. Don’t let these common myths keep you from hiring a car accident attorney.

Myth: Hiring a car accident attorney will make your case take a long time.

Some believe that car accident attorneys will draw your case out to bill more hours.

That’s incorrect. In most cases, car accident attorneys don’t bill by the hour. Instead, they take a percentage of the settlement received after winning the case. They want to move it quickly, but also want to make sure you receive maximum compensation for all of your injuries and losses.

Myth: Car accident attorneys are expensive.

Nationwide, nearly all attorneys charge the same percentage of the settlement as a fee. You only pay if you win. Additionally, skilled lawyers can cover up-front costs for you so you pay nothing unless they win and not until the case concludes.

Car accident attorneys also fight to get you bigger payouts than you’re likely to get alone. With very rare exceptions, a very good car accident attorney will get you more in your pocket than you could get on your own, and that’s even after attorney fees and costs.

Myth: Insurance will cover the damages, so I don’t need an attorney.

Insurance companies are in the money-making business. That means they have heaps of lawyers doing everything they can to limit payouts to accident victims. They will try to make you take as little as possible. Don’t expect them to be looking out for your best interests. They won’t be standing by with a bag of cash to cover the costs.

The primary role of a car accident attorney is to negotiate with insurance companies. They know the law and what factors result in bigger settlements. They can use the law to get you everything you’re owed for your pain and suffering.

Myth: Hiring a car accident attorney means going to court.

Hiring an attorney does not mean you’ll be going to court. Most legal work is done outside of the courtroom.

When you hire a car accident attorney, they will handle all the research, preparation, and negotiations. In 99 percent of car accident cases, the parties settle.

Myth: Hiring a car accident attorney can wait until later.

It would be convenient if you could wait until you recover from your car accident before dealing with legal hassles. Unfortunately, the longer you wait to contact an attorney, the more it can hurt your case.

As time goes by, your body heals. After healing, you may struggle to prove your injuries were severe. Also, memories fade with time, and evidence is washed away. So, you may also struggle to prove the accident caused your injuries if you wait too long.

But waiting to hire an attorney hurts you in at least two ways. First, the attorney and law firm will handle all the communication with the insurance company, investigating the case, retrieving helpful evidence and preparing your case for a better result. Doing this yourself puts an extra burden on you and can lead to worse outcomes.

Second, the insurance companies, either your own or the other party’s, are working against you from the beginning. They will do all they can to catch you when your guard is down or find something to de-value your case. It’s not a fair fight and you need someone on your side who knows the ropes.

Hiring the Right Portland Car Accident Attorney Can Be The Best Thing You Do for Your Case

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Portland, Salem, or anywhere else in Oregon, get help from lawyers with experience in the area. Our attorneys have established relationships with people in the courthouses all over Oregon. They know how to streamline your case to keep it moving as quickly as possible. They also know how to identify all the damages you’re entitled to. They can prepare your case to get the best results.

The right local attorney can help you close your case quickly and win more money in damages.

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