Placing a loved one in an assisted living home is often a difficult decision. Family members want to make the most informed decisions and find a nursing home in Oregon where their loved one will be most comfortable. However, more cases of neglect and nursing home abuse have become apparent, so it’s important to be careful before signing loved ones into residential homes.

When people place their loved ones in nursing homes, the common expectation is that such homes will provide better care than family members could. Sometimes, however, this isn’t the case, and the caregivers tend to abuse this responsibility. Aside from physical and emotional abuse of elderly patients, neglect has been cited as one of the most common practices of abuse in nursing homes. This implies that these actions are more a breach of duty than they are aimed at harming the patient.

Neglect in assisted living homes typically takes the form of ignoring residents, leaving them alone and unattended or continuously belittling them. Failing to give residents proper baths or the right medical treatment would also count as neglect.

If a person has proof that their loved one is being neglected or physically or emotionally abused by staff members at the nursing home, the family should ensure that these people are held accountable. It may be beneficial to hire a qualified lawyer to help file the lawsuit. This is because the laws regarding nursing home abuse and neglect vary from state to state. A person might have higher chances of winning the suit and protecting their loved one if they have a competent lawyer in their corner to take care of all the details.